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Jesse has worked and also assisted on productions at the Los Angeles Opera, Luminario Ballet, and S.O.S. Entertainment. Born in Santa Monica California, he has traveled extensively around the world with his family and has lived in Egypt, France, Israel, and of course the U.S. He completed his Masters in Fine Arts: Design and has been mentored by professional Lighting Designer and Head of the CalArts Lighting Program Anne Militello, and has worked with directors including Travis Preston, Nataki Garrett, and Zoe Aja Moore. 


He has designed for experimental theatre, music performances, art installations, and worked on immersive projects outside of live entertainment such as architecture, public art, and themeparks. He’s gone on tour internationally and designed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014, and Clayton Productions Ecuador Tour 2012.


Jesse found his passion for lighting design after working on his first dance show, Break the Silence, at the Rose Wagner Theatre. He holds a Bachelor’s in Arts in Theatre from Brigham Young University. During his time at BYU, he designed for productions such as Casey at the Bat and Stage Door, from which he later became a Lighting Finalist at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (Region VIII 2011).


In his spare time he enjoys ballroom dancing and has competed in the DanceSport Championships.


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