Theatre & Dance

The Intimacy Effect

Mar 2018

JTK Productions at the Lounge Theatre
Directed: Eric Hunicutt

Dessa Rose

Jan 2018

Chromolume Theatre

Directed: James Esposito

Spell of Tradition: Two Noh Plays of Benjamin Franklin

May 2017

Mesopotamian Opera Company

Directed: Peter Wing Healey

Found Dog Ribbon Dance

January 2017

Echo Theatre Company

Directed: Alana Dietze

The Way of Heaven


August 2015

Korean Culture Center

Directed: Kim So-Ok

A Dreamplay


March 2015

CalArts Modular Theatre

Directed: Yongsuk Yoo

There Be Dragons


May 2014

CalArts E407

Directed: Zoe Aja Moore

Fragments: The Opera Scenes


May 2013

CalArts BB#2

Directed: Paul Berkolds



Feb 2018

Luminario Ballet at the
El Portal Theatre
Directed: Judith Helle

Pacific Overtures


Dec 2017

Chromolume Theatre

Directed: James Esposito

The Last Supper


April 2017

Luminario Ballet

Directed: Judith Helle

American Falls


Nov 2015

Echo Theatre Company

Directed: Chris Fields

NEXT: Dance Company


May 2015

CalArts Lund Dance Theatre

Choreographer: Rebecca Green 

The Carolyn Bryant Project


Oct 2014

CalArts E407

Directed by: Nataki Garrett

We Are Proud to Present


October 2013

CalArts BB#2

Directed: Nataki Garrett

Break the Silence


August 2011

Rose Wagner Theatre, UT

Created: Evan Rogler

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