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A compilation of various dance performances and styles, Breathless features performers such as choreographer Dreya Weber, Jamal Story, and other aerial dance artists. The production consists of 5 Acts; 1-TRAILS, a spectacle of video projections ranging from rings of fire, earthquakes, stars, and more. 2-Listen to My Heart, featuring solo and duet performances of the company. 3-Witches Dreya Weber ascends into the air while riding a broken wooden tree branch. 4-Walls, more vignettes from various members of the company. 5-The Last Supper, a modern twist on the biblical story of Christ at the Last Supper, the betrayal of Judas Iscariot, and the events that followed.

Directed by Judith Helle, Luminario Ballet Company at the El Portal Theatre. Photos by Paul Antico & Emerson Chen, Feb 2018


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